PALAKAR- a nonprofit theatre organization started its journey with a new hope to do something different in the theatre arena in Bangladesh. It inaugurated its activities from 2002 with some experienced and young peoples. The people of PALAKAR already had experienced practicing theatre with various organizations and institutes; this helps them to embrace with a same umbrella name PALAKAR. This is the first total theatre company in Bangladesh, which has a good organizational background, qualified peoples, a sound organogram and a good work force with innovative ideas.

Positive Bangladesh.
To create a good society and good human beings by crafting cultural values and norms in peoples mind which can change the world through theatre. This is PALAKAR and we belong this.

To create awareness by the theatre process for the society and to establish positive steps for human rights.
To develop different theatre processes of activities by research.
Want to reach the theatre to all levels of people and make them popular to them.
To develop process and involve the theatre in entertaining education.
Creating some scope for the cultural activists by making them skilled.
To create an environment for regular cultural practice.
To promote and implementation of programs through entertaining theatre.
Research and experimentation for theatre.
To motivate people to solve their problems in the society by arranging dialogues.
Involve theatre in education, motivation, behavioral change etc.

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